Amani Mousa

Amani Mousa

Born in 1991 in Cairo, Egypt, Amani Mousa holds a BFA from Helwan University , Graphic Department and a Diploma from ITI, 2015.  Her work is part of the Egyptian museum of modern art , National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts( NTMOFA) collections and private collections in Egypt, France, Qatar, Australia, Kuwait, China, United States and other countries. 


Her work has been showcased in group local and international exhibitions including Journée de l’Estampe (ACTUEL l’estampe contemporaine) à Saint Sulpice in 2020, Paris, France, Beirut reprint at open bach gallery, Paris, France 2021 and many others in Egypt, India, and Dubai. She showcased her first solo exhibition “Displacement"  at Motion Art Gallery, in 2022, Cairo, Egypt. 


Top View, 2017