Muatasim Al Kubaisy

Muatasim Al Kubaisy

Was born in 1968 in Baghdad, Iraq.  where he graduated in 1991 from the Fine Art Academy of the University of Baghdad, Al Kubasiy currently working as a professor of Pottery and Sculpture at Sharjah Collections of Art and an "Artist Adviser" for upcoming and existing artists.

As a member of the Iraqi Fine Artists Association, he gained the first Young Artists Award in Baghdad in 2005. His first solo exhibition was in Paris M-Gallery in 2004, with the second following at Dubai’s XVA-Gallery in 2008. His third solo exhibition was held at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation in 2009. Among his key achievements are the gold-plated ceramic mural memorializing the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan  in Al Ain Museum; Al Hosn Roundabout in Umm Al-Quwain, and many horse statutes of different sizes for Shadwell Arabian Horses Farm, as well as the many horse statutes of his creation housed in private farms across the United Arab Emirates and Gulf.


Arabian Horses, 2018

Yusuf's Brothers, 2017

Drums of War, 2018

Adele, 2017

Untled 4/8, 2020

Crazy ones, 2021

Yousef's Brother, 2021


Abaq II

20 五月, 2019 - 20 六月, 2019

13 二月, 2019 - 13 三月, 2019