Rashid Diab

Born in 1957 in Wad-Madani, Sudan, Arab-African artist. He analyzed Sudanese art in a PhD thesis entitled "The traditional and contemporary in Sudanese art", which he completed in Madrid early 90's. Rashid Diab experienced a bridge between two cultures, the Sudanese and Spanish. His art is part of his environment, his technique offers a reflection of his assimilation to the Spanish art school mixed with his own advances. 

Since 1976 he has exhibited all over the world, recently at the French Institute in Khartoum 2022 and the Bahrain National Museum 2019 and Cairo International Art Fair 2021. He has won prizes at Biennial's in Cairo, Abu-Dhabi, Taipei and received many honors too like Ambassador for peace, Japan 2007. He was awarded the icon climate as an ambassador of environment from the British Council in Khartoum 2010 and was also awarded the Cross of the Order of civil merit by the then King of Spain Juan Carlos I in 2013.


Within Blue, 2017

Blue Shadow II, 2014

Discussion in Space, 2009

Out of Image, 2013

She Might Come, 2021

Hidden Figures V, 2011

That was Before, 2015

Sight of Color II, 2021

Untitled, 2017

Blue Shadow I, 2014

Bird Omen, 2016

Out of Memory, 2017

Nowhere, 2020

That Could be, 2021

Far View, 2018

Out of Time II, 2018

Half the Truth, 2018

Untitled, 2018

Untitled, 2018


Enhanced Visions

Enhanced Visions

14 March, 2022 - 14 April, 2023